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Business Auto Insurance Wilmington NC

Who needs Business Auto Insurance?

Maybe you.  Countless people drive vehicles every day that may be considered a business auto.  Sometimes even ordinary vehicles fall under this umbrella.  Do you drive your car for work purposes?  Then this may be you.  Of course lets not forget the standard business.  Maybe you have a fleet of laundry vehicles.  Maybe you own a car dealership.  Whatever the situation, AAC Insurance Group can help.  We can figure out if you need Business Auto Insurance and then find you a policy that works. Business Auto is similar to standard auto but has some distinct differences.  We can help you understand those and make a great decision for you and your employees.

You might need Business Auto Insurance if you drive

  1. A Taxi
  2. A Limo
  3. Your personal vehicle for work
  4. A utility truck
  5. A work van
  6. Vehicle’s outfitted with equipment
  7. A car to deliver mail
  8. A vehicle that exceeds 10,000lbs

Never fear AAC Insurance group knows all the details.  We work with you to find out what you need and we make it happen.  Don’t wait give us a call to see what we can do for you.  Your Business Auto Insurance Policy awaits. To find out more information on Business Auto Insurance check out the Consumer Guide on Commercial Insurance provided by the North Carolina Department of Insurance.

Business Auto Insurance Wilmington NC