Commercial Property Insurance Wilmington NC

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Commercial Property Insurance Wilmington NC

Do you own the building your business is located in?  Then you need Commercial Property Insurance.  AAC Insurance group can help.  Our agents are knowledgeable.  We write with a number of carriers to find you a great policy to protect your assets.

Commercial Property Insurance

What does Commercial Property Insurance include? And what types of insurance do you need? These are all very important questions to a property owner.  Lets talk about some of the basics.

What does Commercial Property Insurance Cover?

The easy answer is of course the building that you own.  But it covers much more.  Did you know that it can cover the contents of the building too.  Whether its fire or theft if you have the right policy you are covered.  Commercial property can include lost or damaged items too.  It can even cover lost income.

Who needs a Commercial Property Policy?

Is your business a retail establishment?  Is your business a restaurant?  Do you have an office space?  Operate a manufacturing facility? It can even include farms.   All these types of businesses need commercial property insurance.

Interested in finding out more about what type of General Liability Coverage you need? Check out the Consumer Insurance Guide.

At AAC Insurance Group we have years of experience writing commercial policies.  We enjoy making sure your interests are protected.  Our team has written countless commercial property policies.  We make sure our clients are well informed and leave knowing they are in the best hands possible.

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Commercial Property Insurance Wilmington NC