General Liability Insurance Wilmington NC

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General Liability Insurance Wilmington NC

Every business needs General Liability Insurance.  It covers your business if an accident occurs on site or related to your product.  As the owner you have many things to consider.  Therefore covering your business shouldn’t be one of them.  Let us do that for you.

General Liability Insurance

There is so much to know about owning a business.  What types of insurance do you need? GL is a comprehensive insurance policy that protects your business. It covers liability or bodily injury claims that happen on the premises. It will cover operations.  GL also covers products, and advertising that occur on your property too.

What does General Liability Insurance Cover?

GL Insurance covers accidents and injuries.  It also covers medical expenses.  It could include damage from items sold at your location and much more.  If you have to go to court GL Insurance could cover attorney’s fees and court costs.  Fire, theft and burglary and vandalism are also included in this policy type.  You shouldn’t be without it.

Are you a contractor?  Make sure the other business carries General Liability Insurance.  Before you begin work make sure they also carry GL Insurance. Also have them add you as an Additional Insured.  This covers both parties if an accident were to occur.

What affects the cost of General Liability Insurance?

There are many areas that can affect cost for your policy.  The type of business could be a factor.  Where the business is located and even number of employees can factor in to the cost.  Also level of risk will play in to the cost.

Interested in finding out more about what type of General Liability Coverage you need? Check out the Consumer Insurance Guide.

At AAC Insurance Group we have years of experience writing commercial policies.  We shop a variety of carriers to find you a great price.   And we take the time to talk to you about your policy details. Your business is important.  We love helping you plan. Before you make your decision give us a call.  We have options.

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General Liability Insurance Wilmington NC