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Probate Bonds Wilmington NC

A probate bond (sometimes called a fiduciary bond) is a type of court bond that may be required before an person or entity can be named as a personal representative of an estate. Many courts may require the appointed guardian, executor, administrator or trustee to get a Probate Bond before they start their duties.

A probate bond is similar to an insurance policy. A Probate Bond guarantees the appointed individual will comply with state laws and the terms of the will, trust, or court order. If the appointed individual does not comply with the terms of the will, trust, or court order, someone can make a claim against the bond.

Types of Probate Bonds

There are various types of Probate Bonds.

All Probate Bonds do the same thing, but are called by different names depending on the duties involved:

  • Administrator Bond
  • Personal Representative Bond
  • Estate of Court Bond
  • Conservatorship Bond
  • Trustee Bond
  • Executor of court

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