Workers Comp Insurance Wilmington NC

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Workers Comp Insurance In Wilmington NC

Your employees are the most important aspect of your business. Protecting them and you is critical. AAC Insurance group knows that. And we are ready to help. By contacting us you get the best service. We scour through the carriers to find you a great policy at a great price.  Check out the basics before you buy. This way you come armed with the general information you need. Make a great decision for your future today.

Workers Comp Insurance

Workers Comp Insurance protects you and your employees. If someone has an accident “on the job” workers comp insurance can be a lifesaver. This insurance makes sure that the employee can take care of themselves. It also insures that your business stays safe.

What does Workers Comp Insurance Cover?

Workers comp insurance obviously pays the hospital and medical bills in an on the job accident. But it covers much more than that.  It can cover loss of wages too.  Workers comp can pay disability payments. It can also pay death benefits. Rehabilitation and retraining costs may also be covered by this insurance type.

Who needs a Workers Comp Policy?

Anyone with less than 3 employees is not required to carry this type of policy. You can however opt for this coverage if you like.  Anyone with 3 or more employees is required by law to carry Workers Comp Insurance.

Interested in finding our more about what type of Workers Comp Insurance you need? Check out the NC Workers Comp Insurance Guide.

The bottom line is that AAC doesn’t want you to be left in a sticky situation. We help you take every precaution.  Our agents sit down with you and go over the details so that you are comfortable and fully informed. Your business is our business. Call us today to get started.